Mampi Hits Out at Critics Calling Her Old, Unmarried

[Photo Credit: Mampi]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Zambian RnB and Pop queen Mampi Queen Diva has silenced her critics in an emotional but fiery statement. For a while, she has been the subject of ridicule, with some netizens questioning her age and marital status.

While it has not affected her much, she finally decided to put the matter to rest by giving all her critics a dress down. Mampi said that her old age is a big blessing given her family history. She has lost her father and brother in the ugliest incidences in life and also lost a sister through an accident.

For her, life is a big treasure that no one should care about critics raising questions about her age.

“You see, to me this old age is a blessing. I pray that you will be as fit as this grandma when you are my age. It might be an insult you use to throw at me as way of relieving yourselves from life challenging situations. But I thank God the Lord for the gift of life,” she said.

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“I lost my mum to cancer, a sister hit by a car and died on the spot, she died young. Way younger. I would have loved to see her live as long as I have lived. I would have loved for people to call her old at my age. Lost another sister after a short illness, my father and young brother were brutally murdered (2003). Two years ago a nephew that was named after my Father and young brother Francis Mukape salifyanji a 13-year-old boy who was as good as my son collapsed and died. Experiences that traumatize me to this day.

“Surely you think being alive, unmarried and old is something that would cripple me?? No ask about me,” she added.

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In a show of boldness, she said the insults do not scare her at all because she is grateful for everyday that she wakes up.

“I don’t play vulnerable games, my first instinct is to survive and not to wake up next to somebody especially when I’m fully aware of the inevitable I live a life of favor let me enjoy it. Blessings have every reason to follow me all the way up.”

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