Songs of Lozikeyi Steal Show During Bulawayo Arts Festival

[Photo Credit: The Chronicle]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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The second edition of the Bulawayo Arts Festival brought Zimbabwe to a standstill over the weekend with performances of songs of Lozikeyi being the highlight.

Songs of Lozikeyi just had to be the icing of the cake for the event. 21 artists from Bulawayo came together and produced the songs in a period of one month.

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Songs of Lozikeyi is a sterling musical act with song, poetry and dance in it all.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa who graced the event was thrilled to a point he took part in the dance. President Mnangagwa did his signature, hearthobbing ED dance.

The significance of Songs of Lozikeyi boils down to celebrating and honouring Queen Lozikeyi Dlodlo wife of the ancient Ndebele kings during Lobengula’s rule.

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Queen Lozikeyi was known for her savvy mind, beauty and power which shaped Ndebele land. So powerful was the queen that, in the late 1890s, she called for an uprising against British colonialists and it happened.

She distributed firearms and assembled the best troops in the land. Honouring her through Songs of Lozikeyi was proof that Bulawayo has good talent and it also brought the power of unity of purpose among Zimbabweans.

Poptain, Mwenje Mathola, Fusion 5, Holy Ten and Masa Caroleen were part of the festival although they performed virtually.

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