Poptain Rules Zimbabwe with New Afro-Pop love Song Dubbed ‘Before’

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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Celebrated Zimbabwean musician Poptain has released a new jam dubbed ‘Before’.

Be Encouraged by Psalms 118:14

Far from the dance hall music he is known for, ‘Before’ is a class on its own with smooth beats, and more of an Afro-pop vibe.

It is one of his most hyped songs for the year and he’s done a good job promoting through his social media pages.

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In this love song, Poptain tells a story about the women he has been with in many unsuccessful relationships. Tired drained and dusted, he is looking for something new and fresh.

The guy in the story is an old friend who has always loved her but knows he won’t be able to tell her anything different from before so he will have to prove it with his actions.

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With a sweet tongue laced with heavenly promises, he captivates the heart of a young woman who doesn’t have much of a choice other than giving him a chance.

Poptain worked with Mega-T who was one of the very first producers to recognize his musical gifts and help develop his sound and style.

‘Before’ serves as a sweet reminder of the old times. The song’s video is as compelling as the lyrics are as Poptain come out to the world in a whole different light.


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