Nandy Explains Why She was Forced to Join a Band Very Early in her Career

[Photo Credit: Ralingo]

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Nandy has opened up on her musical journey, noting that unlike other musicians, she was forced to join a band early in her career since her voice was not mature enough for her to operate as a solo artist.

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During a recent interview, Nandy noted that since her voice was not mature enough, producers kept teasing her claiming she sounded like a baby.

Nandy said she consulted several peers who advised her to join a band as a means of bettering her voice.

According to Nandy, comments about her voice created discomfort which pushed her to work towards bettering it.

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“Nyimbo nilikuwa na rekodi, mtu akija studio alikuwa anasema niko na sauti ya kitoto...ilikuwa inanikera...nikaambiwa nahitaji mazoezi na cha msingi nitafute bendi...ndio nikaambiwa kuhusu bendi ya Banana Zoro,” said Nandy.

After months of singing with the band, Nandy ditched it to pursue a solo career. The decision to go solo was inspired by her exemplary performance at the Tecno take the stage singing competition in Nigeria where she emerged as the first runners up.

Currently, she is one of the most prominent musicians in Tanzania and the entire East African region.  

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