Anjella Clears the Air on Claims of Buying YouTube Views for 'Nobody' Single

[Photo: Music in Africa]

By Paul A.

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Konde Worldwide singer Anjella has dismissed claims that she bought YouTube views for her latest song dubbed ‘Nobody’.

Be Encouraged by Psalms 118:14

‘Nobody’ is Anjella’s first single under Konde Music Worldwide. When she released the video a few days ago, it surprised many after attaining over one million views in a single day.

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Following the milestone, questions emerged on how the singer managed the fete, considering she is a new artist in the industry.

However, Anjella has refuted the claims stating that, like her fans, she was baffled by the success. She, however, attributed the milestone to her fans and God.

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Anjella added that the song’s success indicates that fans were eager for her solo project.

“Kiukweli, ata watu waone mimi nina uwezo gani wa kununua views? Ata mimi nilishtuka views milioni moja kwa siku moja...watu walikuwa wanasubiria nyimbo ya kwangu,” said Anjella.

Since joining Konde Worldwide, Anjella has mainly worked on collaborations with Harmonize.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing debate in the bongo music scene regarding the manipulation of YouTube views by top musicians.

The debate was initiated by celebrated video director Hanscana who claimed that he has helped several top musicians buy views. According to Hanscana, upcoming musicians should not give up because views online do not reflect the reality on the ground.

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