Tanzania’s Director Hanscana Reveals How Musicians Manipulate YouTube Views

[Photo Credit: Hanscana Brand Facebook]

By Paul A.

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There is an ongoing debate in the bongo music scene after a top video director revealed how several musicians are allegedly cheating their way to get most YouTube views.

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According to director Hanscana, several bongo musicians are prone to manipulating their views to paint a picture that they are big.

The director claimed he has helped one of the best bongo musicians to acquire views. Through a detailed Instagram video, Hanscana noted that some musicians use codes and bots to amass new views.

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Hanscana who is a renowned director said his revelation was meant to motivate upcoming musicians not to be swayed by high video views count by top musicians.

He further clarified that such views do not have value as they cannot be monetized.

"Kuna wasanii wameaminiana na tasnia kuwa ukiwa na views mingi wewe ni msani mkubwa. Ukiangalia nyimbo kubwa duniani hazina numbers kama hizo...kuna nyimbo kwa internet kubwa lakini mtaani kidogo...hii ujanja indhoofishwa wasanii wengine wajione hao si kitu,” said Hanscana.

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He added that the reliance on views is costing the bongo music scene new stars. He noted that new musicians can shop for views but their popularity is not reflected on the streets.

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