Bien Opens up on Why Sol Generation Part Ways with Kaskazini and Crystal

[Photo: Pulse Live]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Talented Kenyan artist Bien, who also doubles as the Executive Producer for Sol generation has opened up on why he chose to part ways with the Kaskazini music group and Crystal, noting that the partnership between them was not working out.

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In an interview with CTA, Bien compared Sol Generation with Universal Music Group whereby the top ten artists on the label pay for the one hundred and one African artists signed to the franchise.

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“I could have still had all those guys, it’s just that it didn’t work out, like you gonna have, Universal has one hundred and one artists in Africa, now maybe they have signed more. The top ten pay for the rest and here I had a top two, but my three and four were not giving me what I needed, unfortunately, so yeah we had to end it there. I mean, I am still friends of most of these guys, but it didn’t work out, which is okay,” he stated.

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In self-reflection, Bien cited that it was also partly his fault, adding that he had to learn to take failures especially in business. He gave the interviewer his perspective from a business point of view, saying that he had made an investment that had failed. “

And it’s okay to fail too in business, I’m not saying it didn’t work out because they were not talented, it’s also because partly it's on me, I also have to learn to take the loss and I’m never going to be perfect but I tried. I gave it a shot. I put in money that I am never going to recoup. I put in an investment that I am never going to recoup in Kaskazini, in Crystal,”

“There is another time I travelled, then I came back, Bensoul and Nviiri had an album each, and am asking the rest what do you have, Remember the story on the Bible about the dad who asks his kids what they did with the talents he gave them, and from there it was clear, who I needed to be working with, and who I didn’t need to be working with," he divulged.

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