4 Takeaways from Rayvanny-Harmonize Beef

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By Paul A.

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For the past week, the main debate dominating the Bongo music scene has been the beef between Harmonize and Rayvanny. The two alongside their fans have been going against each other.

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We have seen diss tracks and lawsuits sum up the controversy. However, we have noted the following things:

Loyal fans

Through the rift, we have learned that Konde Gang and WCB command a huge and loyal following among Bongo music lovers.  Judging from the comments and posts online, it is clear that fans of these two labels can go to any extent defending their favorite team.

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Tanzanian Regulators

Unlike other jurisdictions where musicians engage in beefs and diss tracks with no consequences from regulators, Tanzania is different as the regulator is keen on ensuring the issue does not pollute the local music scene. BASATA has already warned the two camps against escalating the beef.

Diamond and WCB are very Professional

When other label mates got involved, most people expected Diamond or Mbosso to rise up and defend Rayvanny. However, the WCB founder and his team stirred clear of the beef showing the level of professionalism at WCB. By avoiding the beef, Diamond has also shown that he is a mature artist who values his brand.

Rayvanny wants Peace

Besides the diss tracks and circumstances leading to the beef, Rayvanny showed us that he means well. He kept on referring to Harmonize as his brother. Rayvanny has reminded Harmonize despite the beef, and he loves him because they are all WCB children.

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