Harmonize Congratulates Wizkid for Grammy Award Win

Konde Worldwide boss Harmonize has reached out to Nigerian superstar Wizkid following his Grammy Award’s win. During this year’s Grammy Awards, Wizkid was feted for his role in the ‘Brown skin girl’ song by Beyonce off the Lion King soundtrack.

Through his Instagram account, Harmonize shared a screenshot of his video call with Wizkid congratulating the Nigeria superstar, captioning it ‘Congrats.’

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Wizkid and Burna Boy were among Nigerian musicians who were feted at the Grammy’s.

Last week, Harmonize revealed that he also called Burna Boy, congratulating him for the win while promising more material between the two.

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“I’m so proud [of him], and I’m excited to win my Grammy too! Everything is possible; it’s just a matter of time. I called him and told him ‘Congratulations.’ We’ve got more music together on the way,” said Harmonize.

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At the same time, Harmonize also shared his aspiration to win the Grammy awards in the future.

He noted that the bongo music scene has the potential of exploding if musicians had switched from Swahili to English.“We’re getting new inspirations and sounds, and we’re pushing that out. We get inspired by our brothers, like Burna Boy, who are doing big things so we can push forward and do big things ourselves. So I believe we’ll blow,” said Harmonize.

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