How Harmonize Almost Opted For a Football Career

(Image source:bbc)

By Paul Amisi

Konde Worldwide boss Harmonize has revealed how he almost missed out on a singing career.

During a recent interview, Harmonize stated that he was born in a village and had no aspiration to make music.

According to Harmonize, he planned to be a footballer, but when he moved to Dar es Salaam, he decided to try music.

Some of his family members who pursued footballer inspired him.

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“My dream was to become a footballer because I knew a few people in my family who played football. So I thought one day I could be a professional footballer. After primary and secondary school, I came to Dar Es Salaam [the former capital of Tanzania] for the first time. I could sing a little bit, but I wasn’t taking it that seriously. Then I started to love music and wanted to do music. I found a way to start recording and it all started from there,” said Harmonize.

The singer adds that he draws inspiration from fellow bongo musicians led by Remmy Ongalla. At the same time, Harmonize said his sound is also inspired by reggae legend Bob Marley.

Interestingly, Harmonize is reportedly working on a project with Marley. 

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