Jawnza Releases New Video 'Up!'

[Photo Credit:Kenyan Muziki]

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Tampa-born rapper Jawnza has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Up!’

In 'Up!’ Jawnza is trying to convince a girl to stop loving him because he's a victim of his own self-indulgence and doesn't plan on changing.

His sabotage of himself makes it apparent that he is not grounded. His head is in the clouds - that's why the song is called 'up!'.

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The second verse is a subconscious train of thought after Jawnza sparks a joint. He’s so disassociated with reality that he’s given up trying to convince his partner they should separate. He just ignores it in the hopes it figures itself out.

 "Basically, the song is about Jawnza getting high to disassociate from himself to the point where he doesn't care he's making self-sabotaging decisions. He's just fueling his ego (and creating great content for music)," JAWNZA said while describing the new release.

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The rising talent dabbles with an experimental range of styles, stating that he is “ever-growing and progressing”.

Jawnza began rapping in high school, freestyling with his friend Mak to beats by his inspirations, such as Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller, whilst his unique aesthetics are influenced by acts such as A$AP Mob, Flatbush Zombies and Pro Era.

His youthful, enigmatic music has resonated with fans worldwide, with his most successful hit ‘FACEDOWN’ racking up millions of streams.

A true pioneer in the industry, Jawnza has everything he needs to become rap’s next big thing, and ‘up!’looks set to take him there this year.


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