Jah Prayzah’s ‘Mwana Wamambo’ Video Surpasses 1M Views

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By Kinyua Mwangi

When Jah Prayzah released ‘Mwana WaMambo’ in December 2020, the song quickly became a hit.
It was the typical Christmas gift for his fans who can never have enough of his good music.
Now, ‘Mwana WaMambo’ has garnered 1.3 million views on YouTube. A day after its release, the song managed to garner over 155K views on YouTube.

A great song from his recent album, ‘Hokoyo’, the song speaks lyrically of day to day happenings in the life of young ladies trying to make things work.

‘Mwana WaMambo’s video illustrates the struggles of a young man who wishes to marry the King's daughter yet he is not from royal blood lines.

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Love pushes him to defy the odds and like they say, True love always wins. In real life, it may not always be the king but it could be families in a case of the haves and the haves not, if you may.
This song spoke to the heart dearly. Fans were not only thrilled by the song but also asked for “ Mwana WaMambo’s” movie.

“By public demand we want a movie called mwana wamambo, if you agree with me show by liking,” Blessing Ruvinga said while Panashe Shayanowako supported this saying “I agree and l wanna be the king’s daughter.”
Mwana Wamambo’s’ video was a hot subject in December.

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