Navio Advises Young Artists How to Survive in Competitive Ugandan Industry

[Photo Crdit: Navio Instagram]

By Gloria

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Veteran Ugandan rapper has shared the secret to remaining relevant in the competitive music industry, noting that it all about being flexible to changing times.

Navio is one of the most experienced artists in the country having been in the industry for close to twenty years and remaining relevant all through.

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Navio further notes that it is important to be open to new ideas as they’ll determine the typ of content you produce.

"Remain versatile in the industry especially with Hip-hop and Ragga; people always love to look behind at old school and compare the music. Secondly, the new kids have all the flavor and the sauce which you can also learn from," Navio said.

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The renowned rapper noted that he is ready to work with any upcoming artist, adding that those in need of help on how to improve their music can reach out to him.

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"Personally, I'm very open to working with new artists and I have given chance to many. My brand is not only for myself but teaches the future generations. When I see a talent, I try to build their confidence and getting them on the right truck to become a star," he said.

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