Chef 187 Features in Inspirational Hit ‘Ichakaniko’ by Chuzhe Intl

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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Celebrated Zambian musician Chef 187 has featured in new released ‘Ichakaniko’ song by Chuzhe Intl.

‘Ichakaniko’ is nothing short of powerful and inspirational. It touches on a subject that has made many lose hope and end up six feet under with unaccomplished dreams.

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Speaking of the song, Chef 187 said it delves deep into life matters where you find yourself at times working so hard but nothing is forthcoming.

“So many times it has been said that there is no sweet without sweat. In order to earn a living, we are encouraged to work hard. But what happens when you work hard and do not see the fruits of your labor?” he posed.

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However, the song is what you would call an eye opener as it teaches the virtue of being hopeful and changing tact to emerge victorious even when a dark wave is all out for you.

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“This song addresses that question and gives you some tips on how to get what belongs to you especially when you have worked for it. Umwaiche wandi Chuzhe Int alefumya ulu and I supported him on the song,” he added.

The song has elicited a lot of positive reaction from fans due to the fact that Chef 187, a big name in the industry agreed to hold Chuzhe Intl’s hand in the journey and gave him a feature.


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