Kenyan-Based Nigerian rapper 'Makk.Black' releases debut EP 'The NoraEP'

By Ian Jacob

In early February 2021, Makk.Black released his debut project ‘The Nora Ep’.The new ep is a 6 track record with some notable features on the new big tune. Makk Black features INM on Faux Picture, Don’t chase Jomo on Fixer and Infinity Amu on Memories of Yesterday.

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The Nora project is a hit for hit, Ep. The EP carries Makks essence with it. You can literally feel the mood in every tune. Makk’s unique storytelling type of rap pushed him into the limelight, growing his fanbase in Nigeria as well as Kenya.

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About Makk Black
Makk Black is a Kenyan based Nigerian rapper/songwriter. Makk started his music career in late 2010. He released his first track in 2018 and has never looked back. Makk’s musical journey has seen him release a barrage of tunes. Among his notable singles are ; Lifes interlude, Gunman, Elysium …

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‘I am a prolific artist, I make Hiphop/Rap Music’ ‘Music is a huge part of my life and i just dropped my new project ‘The Nora Project’. Makk Black tells Mdundo.

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