Bahati, Willy Paul in Instagram Spat over Diamond’s ‘Reunion’ with Tanasha Donna

[Photo Credit: Ghafla]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Celebrated Kenyan artist Willy Paul has taken a jab at Bahati, telling him he is a cat, not a lion for crying too much.

Earlier today, Bahati took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the current relationship between Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz. Bahati shared a message wishing that Diamond and Tanasha would rekindle their love and work things out, adding that he would try to keep Tanasha if he was Diamond alias Simba.

“Woke Up thinking; If I was My Brother @diamondplatnumz I'd not let this Beautiful Girl Leave My house ati Arudi Kenya... Lakini Shida Ni Moja Tuu : Mimi Sio Simba,” he captioned the picture of both Diamond and Tanasha on Instagram.

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Willy Paul took the opportunity to write a message below the post addressing Bahati with a joke comment, where he insisted that he was a cat for crying too much.

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“You are very right, wewe ni paka.. ‘Unalia saaaanaaa’,” he commented.

Bahati took the comment very well and replied thanking Willy Paul for coming to his Instagram wall but ended with some shade addressing him as his sister.

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“Umenimiss umenifuata hadi hapa Enyewe you really love me… I love you too my sister,” he replied.

Willy Paul and Bahati share a special connection for rising to fame during the same era. The two love to take jabs from time to time but still support each other's music projects.

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