Simi to Nigerians Over Covid-19: Stop Using Other People's Lives to Test Your Faith

Photo Source: TNC24online

By Khisa CJ

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Nigerian songstress Simi has expressed concerns over a high number of people who are walking in public without putting on masks.

Simi notes that such an act was putting other people at the risk of contracting Coronavirus.

In a post on her official Twitter handle, the singer, songwriter and actress said Covid-19 was still around and cautioned people against "using other people's lives to test your faith".

She also called on all those who are sick to stay at home

"Lotta people sick and going out (especially maskless) - because "it can't be covid." Stop using other people's lives to test your faith. Stay at home if you're sick. Be positive, but stop putting other people at risk please," Simi tweeted.

"Wear your damn masks. Damn," she added in another tweet.

Nigerian is among African countries that have recorded high number of positive Coronavirus cases.

Latest data indicate that there are over 99,063 confirmed positive cases in the country of of which 1,350 have died while 79,417 patients have recovered.

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