Mikrophone Seven Releases Dope Gospel Hit ‘Pray For Me’

[Photo Credit:Zambia Daily Mail]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Mikrophone Seven, a renowned Zambian gospel hip-hop artiste has awed his fans with a brand new hit titled ‘Pray for Me’ just as Christmas begins.

The song is purely inspirational and full of positive vibes for any Christian. It talks about the power of prayer and also the importance of praying for one another in life because this is the only way to overcome challenges.

‘Pray For Me’ has some English lyrics meaning it is easy to feel and understand the message even for a non-Zambian.

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Mikrophone Seven says the song was triggered by the fact that challenges in life do not choose who they hit; whether young or old; rich or poor.

“The song was inspired by how every single person in life regardless of their strength, regardless of how strong they look; could be a clergy, pastor, a priest, or a could just be a young person, it could be anyone will always go through challenges,” he told the Weekend Mail.

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“Most times we feel like we are so strong that when we are going through certain things and it seemingly looks like we are all gonna make it through but there is need to have people around you that can pray for you,” he added.

He explained that as a gospel artiste, he is always there for other people ministering to them through music but never sure if people pray for him which is why he wrote the song.


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