Rwanda’s Music Industry Captures Attention of Vasti Jackson, Teddy Riley

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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December 2020 has been a great month for Rwanda music wise. It is a month that has made millions of people from world all over, appreciate the great musical gifts in the land of a thousand hills.

On December 15, American popstar Jordin Sparks spoke of her love for the country which she named as one of her all-time favourite places on earth.

She even relived eating out at a Rwandan outlet that awed her culinary expectations.

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Early December, Vasti Jackson, a renowned multi-grammy nominated singer jetted into Kigali for a month-long tour to Rwanda.

Jackson who doubles up as a composer, guitarist, vocalist and producer is the man who is creating a link between Rwandan and America music.

Jackson while speaking to Weekender’s Eddie Nsabimana said that his primary agenda is music.

“We are in music, we are exploring the traditional and contemporary music of Rwanda,” he said adding “We are looking at artistes, male and female, and Rwanda’s R&B, soul, hip hop and instrumental music, jazz. I am not imposing anything, I am here to get into what is naturally going on in Rwanda too, as an observer, but also as a servant, see what collaborations we may develop.”

Then there was Teddy Riley, an American Blackstreet lead vocalist cum producer and songwriter.

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He travelled to Rwanda for a week-long trip which took him to the musical powerhouse in the country and he couldn’t help but utter a congratulatory word.

Riley toured the Rwanda School of Creative Arts and Music and what he saw was mind-blowing. The level of talent was on another level and he promised to return for a collaboration.

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