Kojo Antwi Brochures His Birthday Wishers

Image courtsey of Yen

By Naliaka Kitui

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Ghanaian’s music Maestro Kojo Antwi has surprised many by documenting all the people across the world that wished and celebrated him on his birthday.
Kojo Antwi celebrated his birthday on 24th November He was celebrated by his fans, friends and family members. Different radio and TV stations in Ghana and worldwide celebrated him by rendering his numerous songs on their platforms.
The music Maestro was celebrated through different ways including; WhatsApp messages, telephone calls, SMS text messages, blogs online publications and Facebook posts while others just walked into his home to celebrate him.
Kojo Antwi posted on his Facebook wall and YouTube channel his documentary showing how grateful he was to all those that took their time to wish him happy birthday. On the posts, he had written down names of all those who made that day special for him.
A one-minute video, that forms the first of the numerous names, used one of his love songs ‘Emirika’ while showed a printable text of all the well-wishers rolled in different colour texts.
The music Maestro said, “My dear fans, friends, family and followers, this is to let you know that I have taken time to read every wish and receive with deepest gratitude every kindness you sent on my birthday. I have then sat to personally compile your names to say THANK YOU and let you know I am lifted by your wishes. You are deeply and truly appreciated. For all whose tags are here and all elsewhere, thank you with God’s love and the sweet lyrics and melodies he gifted me.”

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