Mampi's Top 3 Videos that Fans Will Forever Cherish

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By Kinyua Mwangi

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Born Mirriam Mukape, Zambian RnB and pop singer Mampi has a success story to tell about her music. She has made her name in the industry from fusion of sounds from different genres and it has worked for her over the years.

Mampi’s focuses on Kwaito and reggae inspired music and in these lays the magic which has seen her rise to the top.

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Here are some of her biggest songs:


Seven years ago, she was the queen of Zambian airwaves courtesy of Walilowelela, a huge song to date. It has more than 17 Million views in YouTube and counting. Besides the huge airplay in Zambia, it did wonders in Zimbabwe and Cameroon too.


Two years before she released ‘Walilowelela’, she had already secured a place in the hearts of Southern Africa with ‘Why’ a song which surpassed a million views on YouTube. She got lots of love for it and in the industry, love means a lot.

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On this one, Mampi featured P’Jay. For some reason, it got a huge appeal to non-Zambian speaking fans some saying that from the beats to the colourful video, they were considering dating a Zambian girl just to have it all. ‘Swilili’ managed to garner 2.5 Million views since it was released and at a time when YouTube was not yet so poplar like it is today. Regardless of all this, it is a huge song.

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