Rocky Dawuni Speaks About Ghanaian Culture

Photo courtsey of Kingdom FM

By Naliaka Kitui

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Ghanaian Reggae singer and songwriter, Rocky Dawuni has emphasized to his fellow Ghanaians on the importance of uplifting their Ghanaian culture to a new level worldwide.
Speaking in an interview with Y107.9FM’s host Kojo Manuel, Rocky Dawuni said, "We’ve changed our way of life especially the way we eat so the current generation thinks we’ve advanced. But actually, we’re lacking when it comes to our tradition especially food and nutrition”.
He further went on to say "We’re witnessing a world of transition so we should be proud of who we are and where we come from because education is taking that from us”. People say the farther you are from your roots, you are getting better”. He added though he disagrees to this because that mentality is not helpful.
Rocky believes, “if we wear our made in Ghana costumes including the kente, smock and others we have, we will be able to create jobs for our own people and industries. Whenever I go outside Ghana in a Ghanaian outfit, foreigners always ask where I got it from and who made it “He suggests that the Ghanaian traditional culture should be appreciated as it is the selling point for Ghanaians
Rocky Dawuni’s new album titled ‘Voice of Bunbon’ is out and he says this particular album “is about appreciating our tradition and culture and it also has a message of appreciation with some of the songs mixed with traditional styles. It is a diverse and beautiful album”.

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