5 Strategic Collabos Konde Worldwide is Using to Build a Fan base in Nigeria

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By Paul A.

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Since the Konde Worldwide record label launch early this year, the entity has used several strategies to promote its musicians across Africa.

For example, the label has been making inroads to penetrate the West African market through strategic collabos.

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This article looks at some of the outstanding collaborations used by Konde Worldwide to build a fan base in West Africa.

Your Body - Harmonize ft Burna Boy

This song is off the ‘Afro East’ album. Harmonize featured the high flying Burna Boy. The Konde Worldwide president delivered his lyrics mostly in English. Being their second collaboration in a year, both musicians did justice to the slow-paced beat.


Wawa - Ibraah ft Joe Boy

Ibraah was the first signee under the Konde Worldwide record label, and the ‘Wawa’ single was off his ‘Steps’ EP. Joe Boy was one of the best musicians in Nigeria, and a collabo with him can be interpreted to mean a direct intent by Konde Gang to announce Ibraah to the Nigerian market.

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Tepete - Harmonize ft Mr. Eazi

Mr. Eazi is an established Nigerian musician with a massive fan base across the world. They showed us what we could get when two different African sounds are fused by featuring Harmonize on this track. Notably, Harmonize's bongo touch blended perfectly with Mr. Eazi’s unique sound. This club banger has made a statement in West Africa.


Body - Country Boy ft Skales

This collabo is between two Konde Gang members. Skales recently joined Konde Worldwide, making him the label’s ambassador in West Africa. The interesting thing about this collabo is the role switch. Skales approached his verse with a bongo touch while Country Wizzy adapted the Nigerian accent while delivering his high paced lyrics.


Bado - Country Boy ft Seyi Shay

Shay sings perfect Swahili in this slow-paced track. Interestingly, the beat is mostly a bongo sound, making it hard to notice Shay's presence as a Nigerian musician. The versatility of the two musicians' to switch singing styles cannot go unnoticed. Shay, who already enjoys a massive following in Nigeria, has caught many of her fans by surprise for the benefit of Country Wizzy.

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