Chameleone, Bebe Cool & Bobi Wine are the Biggest Manipulators of Ugandan Musicians – Kaliffah Aganaga

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By Gloria

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Renowned Ugandan artist Kaliffah Aganaga has hit out at the ‘big three’ in the Ugandan music industry; Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone terming them the ‘biggest manipulators’ in the industry.

Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone have been ruling the Ugandan music industry for close to twenty years. The trio has for long fought for the number one spot, creating a great rivalry amongst them.

He says the three do not want any other artist to trend more than them because they want the top spot for themselves.

 "They want to be the big three musicians and the last three musicians at that. They do not want the other artists to be relevant or make something good out of themselves," Kaliffah said during an interview with Spark TV.

According to Kaliffah, the trio uses their fan base to attack any artist that dares to go for greatness.

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"That is why if you build your career very well, and start getting close to them, you get to a step and try to achieve something for yourself, they plant enemies along your way to attack you so that you do not elevate from that level to greater heights," he said.

His remarks come barely a week after Gravity Omutujju opined that the 'Big Three’ title should be scrapped off them because there are many artists in the music industry right now that are running the game better than them.

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