COVID-19 Affected How ‘Dwe’ Should Have Been Promoted – Mr Drew

Photo: Mr Drew Twitter

By Eugene Brown

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Rising Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat musician, Mr. Drew, has finally also shared how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his career.

Known privately as Andrews Commey Otoo, Mr Drewsaid the pandemic mostly affected his single ‘Dwe’ which was doing very well before the pandemic.
In a recent interview, Mr. Drew said due to Covid-19 restrictions all the shows he was billed to perform at was cancelled, leaving a hole his pocket.

“Mine was pretty bad because at the time when Covid-19 came in my Dwe song was really loud and I put so much into it so I should have gained more but we couldn’t do a lot of things with it,” he said.

Even with the restrictions and his inability to promote the song, he noted that the song has been a hit and accepted by most music lovers, he could have done more to promote the music more.
“Still the song is in town, people are enjoying it but I could have done more if Covid-19 did not happen. I quite remember I was in the UK and I had to come back to play three shows in a row but as soon as I got here, then the lockdown started and all the shows got cancelled,” Mr. Drew added.
Mr Drew came to the limelight after participating in MTN Hitmaker in 2017. His debut single ‘Gimme Love” also played a role in his new found fame.

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