My Puppy Looks Like Strongman - Medikal

Photo:Medikal Twitter

By Eugene Brown

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Popular Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, may be looking for another trouble with colleagues rapper, Strongman again.

After smoking the peace pipe and doing a collaboration together, Medikal keeps using utterances that social media users claim might trigger a reaction from Strongman soon.

According to social media users, the AMG Beyond Kontrol rapper, Medikal may incur the wrath of Strongman if he doesn’t mind his utterances.

This comes after Medikal made a shocking statement on Okay FM’s ‘Ekwanso Dwoodwoo’ program hosted by Abeiku Santana.

The popular rapper went to the studio with his puppy and the comment he passed will surely be in a bad taste for Strongman, his compatriot who ‘murdered’ him during a lyrical beef some time ago.

During the program which was monitored by, Medikal stated that his puppy looks like Strongman.

He made this remark after Abeiku Santana asked him who the puppy nicknamed El Chappo resembles.

Without mincing words, Medikal mentioned Strongman’s name. Whether it was a joke or not, this wasn’t necessary.

He revealed that the puppy was a gift from his godfather, Criss Waddle.

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