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By Bape

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Zion Langa, a small big boy in Mozambican music, debuts with the song "I'm a boy", a song selected from a series of more than 30 recordings that the boy has been making on his cell phone, a fact that caught the attention of his family, which is also made up of big names in the music arena in Mozambique, for his creativity that we can consider “beyond his time”, and that consequently left the producer who is also his father fascinated, leading him to embrace the dream The song "I'm a boy" is 3:28 minutes long and can be found on various online platforms such as: spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and more.

Zion Langa is the son of a fish who knows how to swim very well, Son of a large family of musicians; father Texito Langa, Grandfather Hortêncio Langa, aunt Xixel Langa. According to his producer, the music the boz represents not only the debut of the little zion, but the beginning of a long road that opens for him and that in order to achieve the goal he needs the support of everyone to contribute in some way. 

Zion Langa is an immeasurable gain for Mozambican culture, especially at a time when Mozambican production in terms of music, among other manifestations of art for children, is increasingly silenced, this is exactly what we need: breaking down barriers and producing more children's art urgently. To this day, much of children's entertainment is occupied by adult musicians who sing adult music to children at children's events, and the number of child-friendly events is insignificant, which is perhaps why little Zion falls as a driving savior. the people to the promised land. The song “I'm a boy” undoubtedly marks the beginning of the journey that will surprise everyone… you can listen to the music through the link:

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