Ethic come clean ?

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Ethic has been fighting moral cop Ezekiel Mutua for the better part for their careers because of dirty lyrics.

 But not anymore.

They're cleaning up their act and after this pandemic, they’ll come out Jesus-clean and ready to serve some clean content that even our parents might finally enjoy.

Just two months after dropping their much anticipated album dubbed ‘Bad Man Bado Ordinare’, celebrated gengetone artists Ethic Entertainment are back with another hit song.

The song ‘Dondoka’ whose video dropped on Friday is already a chart topper having amassed over 200,000 views on YouTube in the last three days alone.

While the pandemic has put a halt to many artists’ careers and livelihoods, Ethic has not let it hold them back as they continue to work harder than before.

With back to back releases, the gengetone artists prove that they work well in adversity and hard work truly pays. Hailing from the east side of Nairobi, their music has evolved and matured; going well beyond the borders of their humble beginnings as it can be heard playing in the leafy suburbian neighborhoods of Karen and Runda alike.

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