Watch Xenia Manasseh In Video For Single 'potion' Featured By Ukweli & Hiribae

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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There has been an increase of producers creating music and featuring artists of their choice in Kenya lately. This is what Nairobi based producers Ukweli and Hiribae have done by getting Xenia Manasseh on their latest project titled ‘Potion’.

‘Potion’ is pretty experimental and covers a lot of ground with its sound. It has Xenia speaking about being too in love with someone with lines such as, “You could be poison and I’ll still drink your potion.”

The single starts off with a very jazzy and soulful vibe going on, it almost feels like a Sade song with soft trumpets backing it. It then transitions into a busier beat with some bass added to the instrumentation. Xenia transitions as well into an almost rap/sung verse of the song and her vocals are more layered to create a busier vocal arrangement. It then slows down towards the end as it is fading; both the beat and Xenia’s vocals.

The video carries a lot of vintage swag to it with the colours and props used; we get old school cars, vinyl players, 90s fashion for Xenia and crew and the stills from the video. Xenia has a cute choreography for the video which is performed infront of mirrors creating an inifinity illusion of many Xenias at different angles.

This single is a lot of genius in the context of production, sound, video and lyrically. Catch a vibe with Ukweli & Hiribae featuring Xenia Manasseh on ‘Potion’.

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