Weekend Recap; Ayrosh Live on Homeboyz TV

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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If you are a lover of Mugiithi, the past weekend obviously had you beaming because Ayrosh, courtesy of Homeboyz TV and Lea Client Services gave us a show and it was everything beautiful; as we are here to recap.

If you follow Ayrosh, musically and/or on his socials you are well aware that he holds a contemporary Mugiithi show dubbed ‘Folk Fusion’. The live was essentially a recreation of Folk Fusion and the set list was created to make you feel like you are dancing in a live show.

As is the Folk Fusion norm; Ayrosh and his band play a set that fuses his music (urban/contemporary Mugiithi) and music from legends in the Mugiithi genre. He did exactly that with his set transitioning from one spectrum to the other. Even in the house, Ayrosh was sure to keep you dancing in your living room and giving you room to catch your breath between songs.

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The concert, put together by Lea Client Services was for a noble course to raise funds for children with special needs. I would assume that contributions can still be made on Lea Client Services’ socials or paybill that was pinned.

It was, without doubt a fire weekend with Ayrosh. You can still recap the weekend with us on Homeboyz Tv on YouTube.


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