Watch Gilad In New Video For His Single 'Mawingu'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Gilad stays giving us all the kinds of love anthems from ‘I am hitting on you’ to ‘I really love you’ to ‘I can’t believe we are done’. He is back with a single from the last category that is titled ‘Mawingu’.

‘Mawingu’ is taken as a title from him looking into the song as a third party; explaining the sadness that has washed over him. ‘Mawingu’ is based on a broken relationship where a man (Gilad) has been dumped by his lover and he is asking them to come back home.

The instrumentation on ‘Mawingu’ is quite airy with a guitar providing the melody. This is layered with a coastal groove to it which makes it a contemporary Taarabu single of sorts. Gilad gets into the song with his well-rounded raspy baritone. He shifts his range with the occasional belting while singing the chorus. Gilad encapsulates his vocals with a lot of emotion and you can almost hear his full sadness.

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Gilad picks a room at a time in a house with just him to act as his setting. He is seated on the floor facing the door while all the other rooms are him staying ready for a date or a knock on the door. This kind of translates his lyrics which speak a reconciliation that he anticipates.

Catch a groovy vibe with Gilad on ‘Mawingu’.

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