Pizo Dizzo, Abbass, Bobby Mapesa and Visita link up for Chali Stinji remix dropping tommorow!

"Mkono glue, mkono gum, mkono sticky, Chali stinji weeeeewe" those are some of the lyrics from the one and only Pizo Dizo's track Chali Stinji; and as hands on, hilarious and direct as this track was, its about to get even more interesting as the remix to the track is set to be released in under 24hours featuring Bobby Mapesa, Abbas Kubaff and Visita.

"Hii track all i can say is its going to be interesting so far all the people who have had a chance to listen to the audio have given me positive feedback so i guarantee fans that they will love it" shared the ever bubbly Pizo Dizo

"Chorus iko tu same bado but kila mtu alichafua kwa maverse zao hakuna mtu naeza sema alioshwa machali walijitetea na tuliwork pamoja na kina bobby, Abass na Visita fiti sana. Ilikua kama nilikua nawork na mabrother wangu na ilikua fun tu sana" she went on to add.

Being her debut track into the industry, Chali Stinjii definately paved the course for Pizo Dizo's career in the industry and i am definately looking forward to see the creativity that this artists have put in this track.

The countdown is definately on and we will keep you posted on any developmenets as soon as they happen. For now enjoy the video to the original track





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