Christian Bella Pleads for Forgiveness as He Teams Up with Alicious in New Song 'Haitoshi'

By Paul A.

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Tanzanian singer Christian Bella has teamed up with Congo’s Alicious in a new track dubbed ‘Haitoshi’.

The song is about two people who were in love but the man messed up and he is trying to apologize.

Unfortunately, the man’s efforts to make things right are not enough as the lady asks for more, and now she wants to leave the relationship immediately.

“Sorry haitoshi...haitoshi...msamaha wako hautoshi kwa yale uliofanya...msamahama wako hautoshi... Majirani walinicheka….usiku silali… Sorry haitoshi,” sings Alicious.

The song’s production has reversed roles for the two artistes as Bella adopts a Lingala vibe while Alicious goes the bongo style.

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One notable thing is that these two talented musiciansdid justice to the beat by delivering the maximum. At no point did they fall short of expectation.

The beat adopted some Lingala and bongo elements giving a unique sound that is capped by an electrifying guitar towards the end.

It is amazing how Bella can diversify by adopting a Lingala sound, listening to the song, one may think he is a native Lingala musician. For Alicious, her diversity is no surprise considering that we have seen her take on different genres expertly.

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