Isha Mashauzi Drops New Song ‘Mapenzi Mshumaa’

By Branice Nafula

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Renowned Taarab sensation Isha Mashauzi has dropped a new songdubbed ‘Mapenzi Mshumaa’.

‘Mapenzi Mshumaa’ is the love story of a couple who fell in love, and how their love later crumbled.

Isha narrates how she first took her man to her parents and they welcomed him to the family, only for things to change later on.

“Nilikupeleka kwetu ukaonane na wazazi wangu, ila hiyana kalisifu chaguo langu, kwa mikono miwili wakakubali uwe wangu, kumbe ulikuwa kinyonga, nalia mimi na moyo wangu……Nilikuthamini kama nafsi yangu…..” the song’s lyrics read in part.

In the later stages of the song, she provides meaning to the song’s tittle, where she notes that love is like a candle, and as such, it can’t be held for long as it will burn out.

This new releases revolutionizes taarab as we know it. For one, the song is not too long, uses an upbeat sound, and heavily relies on the modern taarab vibe that is a bit faster and easy to dance to.

Isha Mashauzi is one of the contemporary artists when it comes to taarab music. She brings out a different approach to this music and she is unapologetic about it.

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