Enock Bella Releases New Freestyle Song ‘Kijana’

By Branice Nafula

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Former Yamoto band member Enock Bella has released a new freestyle song dubbed ‘Kijana’.

‘Kijana’ is the story of a young man that brags about life yet he has nothing to show for it.

In the freestyle audio, we get to hear how the lad is full of pride yet he is so unkempt.

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 “Dunia ya leo si dunia ile uloizoea, thamani ya maisha yako usiishi kwa mazoea. Mbona kama umeupoteza ufahamu ukija,haueleweki kipi unachofanya.Una bonge la kichwa umeubeba upuzi, kutwa maskani unawekwa kama mbuzi……” read part of the lyrics.

He describes ‘kijana’ as a lazy pimp that has been cheating people in the city yet he is super daft about the harsh reality of life.

For a man that has no brains, no job, house or education, Bella feels  ‘Kijana’ should tone down on the bragging and be humble.

The song highlights what happens in most major towns where many young jobless people try to show off a lifestyle that is contrary to their reality.

The moral lesson Bella hopes most people get from the song is living according to your means, and appreciating the little that you have.

Comparing yourself to others  and being subject of peer pressure only hurts you in the long run. As we wait for the video, remember to be thankful for what you have, even as you pray and work for more.


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