Kriss Erroh and Ayrosh Drop Their New Joint Single 'Kuzitoka'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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We have seen many artists break the Gospel-secular bridges through collaborations very easily and some we have loved and others not so much. The latest artist to do this is Kriss Erroh who has featured Ayrosh in his new jam ‘Kuzitoka’ and this one, you will love.

‘Kuzitoka’ is a song about being grateful and it speaks on God’s favour through His love and deeds on Kriss and Ayrosh’s life; it is a beautiful song.

The song, as almost all other songs by Kriss is produced by Yo Alex. Yo Alex gives us a great fusion of what kenyan music is; you can taste the kapuka in the there. He then brings on some dancehall feel to it courtesy of the bass drops in the song. With the instrumentation alone, you can tell that the video will be a dance party upon its release.

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Ayrosh is known for his spin on Mugiithi and turning it into contemporary Kikuyu pop music. Kriss Erroh is at heart a choreography and so he brings the dance and hype into his music in sheng. The fusion of these two is a beautiful mix of hype and mellow and Sheng and Kikuyu. Ayrosh mellows out Kriss and Kriss does his thing over the beat and who would have guessed that this is the collabo we have been needing?

We cannot wait for this video but in the meantime, enjoy ‘Kuzitoka’ by Kriss Erroh and Ayrosh.

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