Charisma Drops Debut Solo EP Dubbed 'With Love, Charisma'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Charisma has come a long way since Le Band decided to have each member explore their solo careers. With the release of his new EP, ‘With Love, Charisma’, this statement cannot be more true.

‘With Love, Charisma’ is a four song project and it really is a love statement with the lyrics, the instrumentation and the delivery; everything comes together beautifully packaged for his fans.

The EP opens up with a mellow, RnB vibe to a slow-paced single that in many ways puts one in the mental space to be on when listening to the full project; listening to love songs. You can tell that every single on here was written from a place of love. Charisma takes us through a journey with great versatility with this project; faster paced songs and even a taste of dancehall music. The EP closes on a spiritual note with a deep song ‘Nisife Moyo’ which stretches the options in this project.

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Charisma works well over every beat with a well smoothed out voice and even the occasional riffs to harmonize and add sauce to the song sound as lovely and melodic. There are acoustic riffs on different songs and kind of points us to Charisma’s liking to Caribbean/dancehall music.

There are no collaborations on this project. You can catch it on every streaming platform. In the meantime though, watch Charisma’s only single out from ‘With Love, Charisma’, ‘Betty’.

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