Enock Bella Drops New Song ‘Peke Yangu’ [Video]

By Omondi Otieno

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Fast-rising Tanzanian musician Enock Bella has released a new song dubbed ‘Peke Yangu’.

‘Peke Yangu’ is an emotional song where Bella regrets having invested in a relationship that did not materialize.

In the new release, he notes that from his experience, he learned that love is not only about the looks of your partner, but also their character.

In it’s opening and closing verses; ‘Peke Yangu’ borrows a section of its lyrics from Them Mushrooms’ major tune ‘Itawezekanaje’, where Bella notes that he is better off on his own.

“Heri niwe peke yangu, heri niwe pekee yangu, heri niwe pekee yangu…Kweli uzuri sio sura ma, hata na tabia nazo changia…,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The song has slow beats accompanied by nice acoustic guitar sound, creating a sad mood that goes hand in hand with the main theme in the song.

Bella’s vocals are on point, and even though the song is a sad one, listening to it, you’ll want to play it over and over again.

Three hours after it premiered, the song has managed over 3,000 views on YouTube, an indication that it is set to be a major tune in Tanzania, and the entire East African region.

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