Timmy Tdat Drops New ‘Macondition’ Featuring Magix Enga

By Omondi Otieno

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Top Kenyan musician Timmy Tdat has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Macondition’ featuring Magix Enga.

Produced by Vicky Pondis and Magix Enga, ‘Macondition’ is a story of a man struggling to make ends meet, living with his girlfriend who doesn’t understand none of that.

The girlfriend has a lot of terms and conditions she wants adhered to, which Timmy and Magix are calling ‘Macondition’, and which the duo find hard complying with.

The lady is so beautiful, putting the duo in a dilemma, whether to walk away or stay with her. In the end however, Magix and Timmy stay put despite the conditions and frustrations.

The video is well crafted, and tells the story without much activity, and distractions. Unlike their other videos, this is appealing to all audiences and has no explicit scenes.

‘Macondition’ is a situation that a number of men relate to, but most of them rarely speak out for fear on being considered weak and ‘less of a man’.

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