Mdundo in Collaboration with AudioLock helped Raise African Musics’ Exposure through Removal of over 181,000 to Date Infringing Links from Google Search

NAIROBI, February 2020: The African music service, Mdundo.Com has partnered with music Anti-piracy specialists AudioLock. Together they are tackling what has been a huge ongoing problem for the African music industry, until now. Mdundo has announced that through this collaboration they have successfully so far removed in excess of 181,000 infringing links to date for African music from Google search alone. The partnership was launched to tackle the unlicensed distribution of content that has been damaging African music. The efforts of which  increase revenues for the whole industry benefiting as well licensed businesses and of course the creativity that makes the music.

The CEO at Mdundo, Martin Nielsen, says “We’re excited about these results, the team and I are always considering new ways to help musicians earn more revenues and provide them with more of the tools available globally. Music fans are rarely aware of the legitimacy of the music websites they are using, this initiative will guide the users to the best places in Africa to access music legally without interfering with the user experience”

Mdundo has a music catalogue of 200,000 African songs which are widely available online through unlicensed websites due to the lack of licensing infrastructure across Africa. This partnership has allowed all of the musicians working with Mdundo to get their catalogue removed from unlicensed websites without affecting websites and music services authorised to host the music.

“AudioLock is about to celebrate 10 years of working within the international music industry, during which time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. With this partnership we have used that expertise to identify and resolve key challenges which are unique to the exploitation that artists and all those working in the African music industry have faced. All our staff are proud to be able to support the initiative championed by Mdundo, by giving additional help where possible for what is a complex creative industry in Africa” Says CEO and Founder Ben Rush from 

The removal process involves scanning the internet for infringing links to the African songs. This is a process that AudioLock has been continually developing through technical advances in their platform since 2010. Mdundo is currently carrying the cost of tackling these links to access unlicensed African music. They hope that the positive outcome which benefits the music industry will encourage other organisations across Africa to follow Mdundo’s lead in limiting the illegal distribution of the music.

About Mdundo:

Mdundo is Africa’s leading mobile-web based music service providing music lovers in Africa with easy access to music. The company works directly with thousands of musicians across Africa and has license agreements with major international and African music companies.

About AudioLock:

AudioLock is the leading music specialist for services providing effective protection for music industry brands as well as their valuable music catalogues. The unique mix of experience and technical expertise leads to a service which produces measurable benefits which extend to all aspects of the rights holder’s business. Which otherwise are taken and hijacked by those exploiting their brands valuable assets.

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