UGANDA: Angella Katatumba's Tribute to Sports Legend, Kobe Bryant Gets her in Trouble with Fans.

by Gloria

There is a dark cloud covering the world since the news about the sudden death of NBA star Kobe Bryant who lost his life yesterday in an Helicopter crash with 5 other people including his daughter, Gina.

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Since he was a legend, also loved by many, condolences have been flowing on from all corners of the world and our very own Ugandan singer and philanthropist, Angella Kalule joined the rest of them to mourn Kobe's demise.

"Oh noooo Kobe. I automatically liked you when I lived in Chicago, because everyone, especially my father in law, said you looked like my Ex husband Alonzo. May you rest in perfect peace. Thank you for your amazing talent." Katatumba posted.

It may have been an innocent tribute but what triggered Facebook users the most, was Angella's choice of words.

The comment section turned into a battle field with followers throwing insults at the singer. They branded her as an attention seeker because they thought the first paragraph about her living in Chicago and comparing Kobe to her ex-husband was not necessary.

"The first paragraph wasn't necessary. We can mourn the G. O. A. T without seeking attention. #RIPMAMBA" one follower wrote.

"Now I believe age doesn't necessarily mean wisdom, over the years Angella you keep shocking some people with your childish and mediocre posts,I thought maybe your account has been hacked. This is embarrassing coming from a slay Jaja like you." another wrote.

Angella got married to Ward Alonzo but the marriage failed and they decided to sign the divorce papers in 2008. Some followers have warned her not to bring back the memories to Alonzo because it was a toxic marriage.

"Alonzo is a happy man now, don't remind him of that toxic marriage" read the comment.

Others kept on wondering why she was bringing up her past relationships yet she was currently dating renown producer, Daddy Andre.

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