UGANDA: Maro Not Happy with Rema and David Lutalo Staging their Shows Same Date as His Concert.

by Gloria

14th February, St. Valentine's day, has a number of concerts lined up and party animals are spoiled of choice.

Self-styled R&B king, Ronald Maro will be celebrating ten years in music but problem is, vocalist, Rema Namakula and David Lutalo all have their concerts on that same date!

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Maro is not happy about this because he believes he fixed the date first and it was only fair for these other artists to support him and not try to look like they are competing with him.

In a television interview, Maro has expressed his disappointment in the shows' promoters, also calling out Alex Muhanji who will be flying in Nigeria's P-square (Rudeboy) to perform for comedy lovers still on the same date.

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"These shows are on the same date and It is so sad. Remember I was the first artist to schedule my concert on this day. Since May 2019, I have been advertising my 10 year's concert. I told you the date, the venue and everything but these guys came out just last week and started advertising with posters, banners and everything."

"No one can stop them but it puts us down as Ugandan musicians. Everyday we are crying out to save Ugandan music but who is going to save us when we have unwanted competition within ourselves."

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Maro further revealed that he could never associate with any of them again if his concert flopped because of them.

"How can you say you that I will laugh with Rema or Lutalo tomorrow if my show flops? Just think about it, Is it possible for me to associate with them or Rude Boy's promoters after that?" Maro questioned.

"Let me tell you this, I can not fight with anyone because no one fought me when I was coming up. But when you are coming out, there is a lot of pressure. I'm no longer at that stage. I can spend a whole year just touring." Maro revealed.

Rema will be performing at Nile Hall, Hotel Africana, Maro will be at Mestil Hotel Nsambya, then Alex Muhanji and Rudeboy will be at Cricket Oval Lugogo.

Meanwhile, On the same day comedian Salvador will hold his one man show at Kololo airstrip and some comedy lovers too will have a choice to make.

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