Tanasha Donna features Mbosso in new single 'La Vie'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Tanasha Donna, through her socials promised a lit 2020 in the context of more music. She has released her new song ‘La Vie’ in which she features Mbosso.

‘La Vie’ is an intimate song written to express love. Tanasha Donna and Mbosso carry this intensity with their voices and with the arrangement of the song. There is a subtlety to the instrumentation of the song that it almost feels like there is zero to no layering. This sets the mood of the song and definitely adds shows off the song lyrics.

The video is set up in a very Pinterest-able location propped up with white pastels (including Tanasha’s make-up) and an earthy feel to them. The set too is very intimate in the context of the colours selected, the stills through the scenes and all the artwork presented in the video.

We are presented to Tanasha mellowing down her music and she lets Mbosso carry all the high-pitched harmonies of the song which works out really well for the sound. Fall in love to ‘La Vie’.


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