by Kabura Ng'ang'a

You know how you have your phone in hand like all the time and you randomly shoot videos with your friends or by yourself? Now imagine being an artist who is risky enough to eliminate the very expensive cost of a crew and taking this route for your new video. Sounds about right, yes? That is what the very talented Tetu Shani did with his latest single, ‘Lovers Only’ and we caught up with him to find out how this experience was like.

M: You seem to like having fun in your videos, how important is this to you and the work you put out?

T.S: Fun is central to who I am as a person. The people who know me well know that I am a fun loving guy.

M: Is that (the fun) why you decided to have your sister work as an impromptu videographer for Lovers Only?

T.S: Actually, the reason my sister ended up shooting the video is because we were on vacation together as a family. Diani is a beautiful location and we were like, why not?

M: How harder was it to get this done; editing, cutting and all that than having to pay a team to do all the work?

T.S: My sister has actually done production and editing work before. She ran a basketball program on TV and is well acquainted with the process. I don’t know why I had forgotten that particular talent of hers, lol.

M: What was the best thing about having the fam involved in the video shoot?                

T.S: The best thing about having the family involved is I feel very free around them. There were no inhibitions because I trust them.

M: Is this a statement for people to really utilize what they have to achieve whatever they need to?

T.S: Absolutely. If you sit around waiting for the perfect conditions to do something, it might not happen.

Catch a vibe with Tetu Shani this fine Friday afternoon.

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