Elani off on the right foot with hit song Jana Usiku

Music as an art has been used for years to express different emotions from laughter, joy, sadness, celebration and even to entertain. Over the years Kenyan music has gone through transformation making it undoubtedly one of most diverse styles in Africa.

Several afro urban musicians and bands have emerged with sounds and messages differing. One particular group of artists that seems to be taking Nairobi by storm is Elani.

The band with the name Elani, which means light in giriama, consists of three members including Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngugi and Bryan Chweya. It was formed in 2008 after they met at the Alliance Francais and realized they shared the same passion and outlook on life.

They currently have one song out titled ‘Jana Usiku’ and speaking to one of the band members on phone she was able to shed light on what inspired them to write that particular hit.

“The song is our debut single off our upcoming album. It’s a party song with a strong message in it. Regardless of the troubles one is going through in their life they should always take time to appreciate and enjoy every moment of it,” Maureen Kunga.

The band’s name which is unique and outstanding has a rooted and significant meaning to the band members as Maureen continues to expalain.

“Elani means light in Giriama. We are seeking to be a light to the world through our music and also to be an anchor to upcoming artists who will be inspired by our music. Look at us as light at the end of a dark tunnel,” she added.

Elani is set to release their debut album in November 8th this year. Meanwhile download “Jana Usiku” via the link tagged below.

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