TWITTERVIEW: Talking to Tetu Shani About 'Africa Sun' and Much More

So we caught up with Kenya's super sensation Tetu Shani. The Cafe Ngoma Award winner of New Age Contemporary Artist of The Year is fun to hang out with. Dive in...

Great to have you on #MdundoTwitterview today... In a few words, who is Tetu Shani? 

Tetu Shani is a philosopher, a poet and a man of faith

Tell us about your music journey. How did it all start? 

It started when I was 6 months old. My mom put a shaker in my hand and I started making beats...hehe

How would you describe your style of music?

Nairobi mashakura. Ama pilau Njeri. There's a little bit of everything in there.

Having started music at a young age, how has it impacted your music career so far? 

Well I forgot about music for many years. Played a little guitar in Uni. But picked up guitar again seriously when I was like 26.

Having come from Maasai land, who are some of the musicians that inspired the cultural side of your music?

Well I'm a full blooded Nairobian lol. There aren't any maasai musicians who have influenced me per se but I love Teto Tutuma's music. You should def check him out.

What's one thing that's always on your mind when you are writing your music?

Everyone writes music on a different way. Good songwriting to me is anything that makes me feel something and the only way that will happen is if it's authentic

Having a unique storytelling and performance in your music, who is one Kenyan artist that you mostly identify with?

Hmm I wouldn't say there's anyone I identify with right now. I've been focusing on solidifying my own identity first. One of a kind.

Has your music evolved ever since you recorded your first song? How do you keep up with the trends over the years? 

Yes it's always evolving because I'm always evolving as a person. I don't really try to keep up with trends. I'm not good at it.

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