The 'MURASTA' Experience Served by Ayrosh

On Friday evening people got pumped to go watch Ayrosh put on a show for the release of his EP ‘MURASTA’. Waithaka entertainment and company had done some good marketing on the show and genuine Ayrosh fans were hyped. His contemporary take on mugithi to create a genre dubbed ‘Afro Fusion’ and so it came as no surprise that the show was sold out.

Intended to begin at 6:oopm, the show kicked off about an hour and a half late. Walking into the Michael Joseph Centre, the crew had set up a vibe with only the stage arrangement. There were three set out places that served as the stage; the drummer and bassist shared one stage, the violinist and saxophonist shared another and the keyboardist and guitarist shared the other. The different vocalist performers chose whichever stage they liked best (hahaha) they had the choice to move around. This stage arrangement kind of gave the crowd a field themed sitting arrangement.

The music sets were not arranged in the traditional one musician per set. They mixed up the different musicians depending on the mood that Ayrosh had prepared for his set. There was therefore no one point during the show that we forgot that this was about Ayrosh giving us the music, his new music and setting the mood and tone for the whole show. That in itself set the stage on fire and created a beautiful experience for every single person in the audience.

The damage fee was to cater for the show and a copy of the Murasta physical album. They, Waithaka Entertainment were however not able to deliver the physical copies but they promised to digitally provide those for people in the crowd. In the meantime though, head over to all digital stores to acquaint yourselves with the work of art that is this particular EP by Ayrosh.

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