Mdundo Announces Free Studio Time Winners

The first edition of Mdundo Next Level Production has come to a close following a successful run. Winners Gabiro Mtu Necessary, Acoustic Kaysh and Lawida Leche are the first winners of Free Studio time courtesy of  Kompakt Recordz in partnership with Mdundo.

#MdundoNextLevel competition was launched earlier in April to award 3 rising artists with a fully paid for, professional music audio production. They were to meet a list of requirements and then battle for the ultimate prize through marketing their talent on social media. Out of over 10 participants, top contestants with the most likes from each social site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) were picked. Acoustic Kaysh from Facebook, Gabiro from Twitter and Lawida Leche from Instagram.

Christine Nekoye, Mdundo’s Artists Support Manager says ‘There was stiff competition and there is no doubt that there is undiscovered talent in Kenya. We will continue  to monitor the winners progress throughout this process and we can’t wait to introduce them officially to the world.’

The three lucky artists will be hitting the studio immediately to work on original compositions. Expectations are running high especially putting into consideration that  all three are of diverse genres. Gabiro is born of Hip-hop, Kaysh explores contemporary music while Lawida Leche is an Afro-pop master.

Kompakt Records, one of Kenya’s most  respectable music labels, is excited to work with great new fresh talent. Prezzo , Gabu, Bobby Mapesa and Kidis, just to mention a few are some of the hot signees. The winners will get to work closely with some of these legendary veteran musicians.

‘At Kompakt Records, we nature talent and shine the stars brighter.’ Kompakt Recordz Co-founder Steven Ogechi assures.

In just a matter of time, we should be able to hear what our new acts have in store for us. If you know someone who is super talented, tell them to be on the lookout. Their big break could be the 2nd Edition of Mdundo Next Level Production in August.

Listen to:

Gabiro Mtu Nercessary on Mdundo

Acoustic Kaysh on Mdundo

Lawida Leche on Mdundo


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