Zimbabwe: Wanna Be American Videos Killing Music Industry - Tocky Vibes

Award-winning Zimdancehall artist, Obey Makamure, stage name Tocky Vibes has lashed at local artists who imitate American lifestyles in their music videos saying it is a sign of identity crisis.

Tocky Vibes, who is set to release videos for his 20 track album, Chamakuvangu said he will stick to scripts that tell the true Zimbabwean story.

"Unlike my fellow artists who try and portray American lifestyles in their music videos which they do not live, inini mavideo angu ndoshootira paden pangu despite nhamo inenge ichibuditswa ipapo because ndozviri muZimbabwe ( I shoot my videos at my real home despite an impoverished lifestyle associated with it).

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