Mdundo Playlists To Get You Through January Alive

January must be pretty hard on you but what better way to get you through tough times than music? Yours truely Mdundo has compiled just the perfect playlists for you for the 75 days of January. Not only are these playlists extremely relatable, they are also hands down lit. 

Play Kenyan (100% Kenyan)

First of all, the entertainment scene in Kenya is currently lava with the rift between Kenyan Musicians and Media Personalities. Mdundo took this opportune moment to compile the best of Kenyan music just for you. The range covers a buffet of preferences from Gospel, Dancehall, Hiphop to Afro Pop and even RnB. Know anyone who wants to be musicated on the Kenyan flavour, you can all get back here after you are done with the back and forth. 

Tushike Mzinga (Hustlers Anthems)

There is literally no better relatable playlist than this in this Valley of The Shadows of money. When you are least rich is when you can actually ponder on lyrics that address the current state of affairs including your current bank account balance. Time to connect with your roots and have concious thoughts about your life in relation to politics and culture. It is even in this moment while listening to this music that you will regret your December choices but be grateful that Better Alive than Dead, right? 'Bora Uhai' is key in surviving this particular time of the year. 

Bills Bills Bills (No Scrub January)

'A scrub is guy who thinks he's fine, also known as Busta. Always talking about what he wants and just sits on his broke a**.' This is the definition of a 'Scrub' according to the great girl group TLC. You also need to understand that you need to avoid scrubs at all cost at this trying time. Here is a playlist that has got just the right advise for you during this time of unpaid bills and stretched out budgets. Staying faithful is actually quite cost effective this season , so we threw in there, some all time love songs, to set the mood at home, where you now need to go straight after work. LoL! If you play your cards right and insist on home cooking dates, you are the real OG this month. 

Over to you lovely listener. Get your music right and your act together with Mdundo Playlists. Cheers!



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